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2020/9/1 8:13:37

产品名称: 汽车空调用制冷剂1,1,1,2-四氟乙烷(气雾罐型)
分子式: CH2FCF3
相对分子质量: 102.03
产品标准: T/2ZB0072-2016
产品用途: 用于汽车空调的制冷剂:也可用作医药、农药、化妆品、清洗等行业的气雾推进剂、阻燃剂及发泡剂
理化性质: 在常温常压下是一种无色、有轻微醚类气味的气体;熔点-103.15℃,沸点-26.1℃,液体密度1.206g/cm3(25℃);该产品一般情况下均压缩成液态储存于离压气雾罐中,其热力性能与CFC-12相似,臭氧减损潜能值(ODP)为0,全球变暖潜能值(GWP)为1200。
Product name: Refrigerants 1,1,1,2 – tetrafluoroethane for automobile air condition (Aerosol can type)      
Chemical structure: CH2FCF3
Relative molecule mass: 102.03            
Product standard: T/ZZB 0072-2016
Application: The product is used as refrigerant for automobile air condition, as well as aerosol propellant, flame retardant and foaming agent in medical treatment, pesticide, cosmetics, cleaning and other industries
Physical and chemical properties: Under normal temperature and pressure, the product is a colorless, gas with a slight ether odor. Its melting point is -103.15℃, its boiling point is -26.1℃ and its liquid density is 1.206g/cm3 at 25℃. Generally, the product is compressed into liquid and stored in high pressure aerosol can. Its thermal performance is similar to that of CFC-12. Ozone depletion potential (ODP) is 0. Global warming potential (GWP) is 1200.
 Storage & transportation: The product is packed in high pressure aerosol can. It is to be kept in cool and dry place, without being exposed to heat source, sunlight and raining. It is to comply with the regulations of railway and road transportation issued by Chinese government concerning hazardous cargo.
 Packing specifications: High pressure aerosol cans 200g, 220g, 250g, 300g, 340g.


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