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2020/8/30 20:20:53

分子式: CH2CL4
产品标准: Q/NBJH 02-2016
理化性质: 常温常压下,是一种无色透明液体,有氯仿气味;熔点-22.2℃,沸点121.2℃,相对密度1.620-1.628g/cm3,不溶于水,可混溶于乙醇、乙醚等多数有机溶剂。
包装与储运: 本产品用全新钢桶或贮槽(槽车)装运。储存于阴凉、干燥、通风处,保持容器密封,打开后的容器必须仔细重新封口并保持竖放位置以防止泄露。车辆应配备相应品种和数量的消防器材及泄露应急处理设备。 贮运应符合当地对危险化学品货物铁路、公路运输的相关规定。
Product name:Perchloroethylene/tetrachloroethylene
Chemical structure:CH2CL4
Relative molecule mass:165.82
Product standard:Q/NBJH 02-2016
Application:Catalyst grade PCE is extensively used in the regeneration of oil-refining catalysts. It is an important auxiliary catalyst in the aromatics field of petrochemical industry; Fluorocarbon grade PCE is extensively used as an intermediate in the manufacture of new refrigerants, namely, HCFC-125 and HCFC-134a (these refrigerants are non ozone-depleting and the main substitutes for R22 and R502); Raw-material grade PCE is extensively used as an intermediate in the manufacture of CFC-113, hexachloroethane and pesticides. It is also used as general organic solvent; Cleaning grade PCE is extensively used in dry cleaning, metal degreasing and electronic cleaning, It is also used as fat extract, fur grease remover and extract for both natural and synthetic fibers.
Physical and chemical properties:Under normal temperature and pressure, colorless and transparent liquid with the scent similar to chloroform; Melting point is -22.2℃, Boiling point is 121.2℃. Density is 1.620-1.628 g/cm3. Insoluble in water. Soluble in various organic solvents such as ethanol and ether.
Storage & transportation:The product is packed in new steel drums or tanks(or tank cars). Store only in cool and dry area provided with exhaust ventilation. Keep the drums tightly sealed, Drums, if opened, should be sealed again and keep in up-right position to avoid leakage. The transport vehicle should carry suitable fire extinguishers and leakage-handing equipments, It is to comply with the local governmental regulations of railway and road transportation concerning hazardous cargos.
Packing specifications:210L/300kg galvanized/ blue painted drums, tanks.


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